Who We Are

Don’t we have a right to purest of food? Are we second-grade species to settle with adulterated and chemicalized food products? When we have an option to choose a food which is safe and healthy, then why go for the routine and compromise with the most important NEED of being healthy, Pure Food!

We come into being from the very need of having the best Indian beverage. Our self-believe in the Immunity Booster Detox Teas has brought us into manufacturing the best-caring natural Teas blended with rare Himalayan herbs. It’s time we use Nature around us to build our Mind, Body and Soul in sync with the Mother Earth.

With the arrival Corona virus as part of our life, it has become evermore important to adopt a lifestyle and eat food which increases our immunity, helps fight diseases. There’s no other option than to go Organic!

We are bringing to you India’s best organically grown Tea-based Immunity Boosting Wellness and Detox drinks. Organic is always thought of to be unaffordable. We are here to change that perception. The efforts and price we put in bringing Organic to your table is paramount and unmatchable. With the rise in change in perception and consumption of Organic products, more farmers will choose to cultivate organic. This will ultimately help that Organic become cost-effective.

Before buying a gadget we check across and overthink multiple times but when it comes to choosing a food brand for our staple diet, we just tend to randomly pick a flour or pulse from that shelf in the mall.

This has to change as we remain determined to bring Organic Tea Elixirs to every table in India.



Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

If you are a graduate and think you have a zeal to bring change to our food habits, join our family.

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