Benefits of Chamomile Flower Green Tea – A Superfood

Chamomile flower is one of those herbs which is considered having multiple benefits for skin and health benefits, apart from treating other disorder like insomnia, indigestion etc. Also called Babune ka Phal, Chamomile Green Tea is a stellar immunity booster wellness Superfood drink from SpaceByLeaf.

Benefits of Chamomile Flower Green Tea

Immunity Booster of a great degree, Chamomile flower has been a well researched herb and is a must for those seeking to improve their immunity the natural way.

Chamomile also treats Insomnia and if taken before bed, ensures sound sleep. It’s also a good treatment for curing acne, reducing spasms, relieved period pain etc.

As a proven Anti-ageing herb, Chamomile is a boon for skin health. Full of Antioxidants, it helps in regeneration of lost cells, tightens pores and slows down the ageing process.

In addition to the above properties, Chamomile is known for several other health benefits and is consumed widely for its Superfood stature.

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