Benefits of Rose Green Tea

The Green Tea when blended with Rose petals and buds enhances its health-giving properties and flavour manifold. Rose for time immemorial has been used in the form of fragrance and rose-water as a special kitchen ingredient. But, it’s best form comes when use as a Green tea blend.

Benefits of Rose Green Tea

Known for a drink which uplifts sagging spirit, Rose Green Tea also has qualities of a incredible Immunity Booster. The drink reduces skin irritation, soothes sore throat, relieves headache among many other benefits.

Full of antioxidant properties, Rose Green Tea is also an Immunity Booster wellness Detox drink of great scale. Daily consumption of the drink ensures great skincare owing to its commendable anti-ageing qualities.

We use the 100% natural Bulgarian Rose petals and buds in our freshest wholeleaf Green Tea from Himalayas. That makes our Teas one of the best Immunity Booster Wellness drinks form India, processed with authentic 200 years old orthodox practcies.

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