Himalayan Oolong Tea

Himalayan Oolong Tea is made from finely plucked Tea leaves along with bud from the select farms only above 4000 ft. The leaves are then withered under open sun and air. Then, leaves are hand-rolled and pan-fired up to 220 deg. C until semi-oxidized. The tea preparation method remains unchanged since its evolution and is one of the best traditional teas with medicinal values.

With its excellent properties and low caffeine, Oolong Tea is a natural and tremendous anti-oxidant and has anti-ageing properties too. The tea once brewed leaves an earthy aroma with light orange hue.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS of Himalayan Oolong Tea

Energy Kcal/100g 1.69
Total Carbohydrate g/100g0.02
Protein g/100g0.38
Total Fat g/100g0.01
Sugar g/100gNIL
Sodium  mg/100g0.92
Nutritional Values of Himalayan Oolong Tea

Extremely low caffeine makes Himalayan Oolong Tea one of the healthiest natural drinks. The touch of Himalayan mountains give Tea leaves the uber-freshness and mild flavour which is unseen in Teas coming from other regions.

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