Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea: Benefits & Properties

The authentic Kahwa from Kashmir is the most expensive herb found in the world. The red colour herb changes its hues to light orange once mixed in water. And, not to mention, if consumed in its original raw form or as blend with Green Tea, Safrron is a powerhouse of immense health benefits.

Rich in Antioxidants, Kahwa fights and controls Free Radicals in body. The cup of Kahwa Green Tea also fights cold and upset stomachs. As an instant mood enhancer, Kahwa works incredibly with its stress relieving properties.As a proven Immunity Booster, Kahwa drink charges the body’s defense system as it’s an excellent source of vitamin B12.

Kahwa helps in weight loss by accelerating the fat burning rate in the body and improving metabolism and aiding in digestion. The overall benefits result in making one look young and energized if Kahwa Green Tea consumed on a daily basis. It also does wonder to your skin by helping to moisturise the skin and reduce the occurrence of acne.

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