Loose Leaves vs Tea Bags: Why Loose Tea Leaves are more beneficial than even Pyramid Tea Bags?

Tea bags gives us the convenience of savouring on the variety of Teas in the simplest ready to serve ways. We just have to cut off the pack and let the Tea Bag do the rest of the job. And, on the other hand, Loose leaves make the situation a bit messy and inconvenient.

Loose Leaves vs Tea Bags

But, there is a take. The research says we should prefer loose leaves. But why? Because, Loose Leaves brew well as the leaves get more space to release flavour. Apart from enhanced flavour, Loose Leaves let out more nutrition in every leaf brewed than the Tea bags.

Due to cramped space in Tea Bags, the leaves never get to let complete flavour and nutrition dissolve properly in the cup. Also, Tea Bags can never be filled with Wholeleaf Tea. Due to limited space, Tea Bags are filled with Tea dust and broken and crushed leaves, thus compromising on the flavour and the nutrition content.

Even Pyramid Tea Bags couldn’t result any better than the normal Tea bags when we compared it with Loose Leaves. Hence, Pyramid Tea Bags are nothing better but just a marketing phenomenon.

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