Himalayan Wholeleaf Masala Herbal Green Tea

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A tasty Detox of 34 medicinal herbs, SpaceByLeaf Masala Herbal Green Tea is made of 100% Natural ingredients. The Elixir treats Common Cold, sore throat, relieves anxiety and lowers cholesterol. Rich in antioxidants, a cup a day of SpaceByLeaf Masala Herbal Green Tea also fights free radical and helps improve concentration. Best consumed during the day time, the tea instantly freshens up the mood.

  • 100 g
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Masala Herbal Green Tea is a great Detoxifying Superfood of 34 herbs. We source the freshest and highest-grade Tea leaves and herbs from the Plantations at the elevation of 4000 ft. or more across Himalayas. The whole Tea leaves go into production and blending within 24 hours of plucking through the ancient ORTHODOX practices. And, the result is the drink which is 100% natural and has amazing Antioxidant, Detox and Anti-ageing properties.

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