Himalayan Wholeleaf Turmeric Cinnamon Green Tea

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Turmeric is a proven Immunity Booster Superfood. Turmeric Cinnamon Green Tea relieves depression and anxiety, treats Common cold and is good for digestive health. If consumed pure and original, Turmeric can do wonders for our body. Similar to Turmeric, Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties too and is a very good antioxidant. When added to Green Tea, Cinnamon leaves a slight sweet flavour apart from enhancing the health benefits.A cup a day of SpaceByLeaf Turmeric Cinnamon Green Tea acts as a strong natural antioxidant & anti-inflammatory with immense medicinal benefits.

  • 100 g
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Himalayan Turmeric is a very strong antioxidant and Immunity Booster of the greatest extent. As a regular kitchen herb in our kitchens, we have always taken Turmeric for granted, without fully being aware of its excellent medicinal qualities. We source the freshest and highest-grade Tea leaves and herbs from the Plantations at the elevation of 5000 ft. or more across Himalayas. The whole Tea leaves go into production and blending within 24 hours of plucking through the ancient ORTHODOX practices. And, the result is the drink which is 100% natural and has amazing Antioxidant, Detox and Anti-ageing properties

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